MN-S Metalshop

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Note: Having recently moved to our new location at 1330 Orleans Drive, we have much build-out to complete before we can open the Metalshop area. Until then, the equipment listed below will be not be available to members. We are currently hoping to have the metalshop open for members at the start of January, 2022.


Milling Machines

CNC Tools

  • CNC Hitachi-Seiki Lathe
  • Matsuura MC-500V Vertical Machining Center CNC Mill
  • Cincinnati Sinker EDM


Welding tips

  • MIG Welding
    • Millermatic
    • Lincoln Electric
    • Harbor Freight
  • TIG Welding
    • Lincoln Electric TIG Welder
  • Arc Welding

Drill Press

  • Delta Drill Press



Buffing Arbor

Sheet Metal Tools

Handheld Power Tools

Hand Tools

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