Kearney & Trecker 2H 10" x 50" Horizontal Milling Machine

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Kearney & Trecker 2H 10" x 50" Horizontal Milling Machine with Vertical Milling Attachment




  • Use of this machine will require a BOSS class, to be developed. Meanwhile use is restricted to approved staff and volunteers.


  • Table Working Surface: 50" x 10"
  • Travel
Longitudinal (X): 28"
Cross (Y): 10"
Vertical (Z): 17"
  • Range of Feeds
Longitudinal (X): 1/2" to 20" per minute
Cross (Y): 1/2" to 20" per minute
Vertical (Z): 1/4" to 10" per minute
(plus rapid traverse on all 3 axes)
  • No. of Feeds: 16
  • Range of Speeds: 35 to 1400 RPM
  • No. of Speeds: 16
  • Motor H.P.: 5
  • Electrical spec: xxxV 60Hz yyyA zzzW

MN Asset Details

toolname Serial Number Plate
toolname Electrical Plate
toolname Motor
  • Location: Metalshop
  • Model Number: 2H
  • Serial Number: sn
  • Motor Serial Number: motorsn
  • MN Asset Number: mnAN

Safety Specifics

All general MN Safety policies of course apply to use of this tool, as do safety policies for the containing shop area and safety practices prescribed in our classes and/or in detailed tool documentation, regardless of whether they're repeated here.


The word "plain" in the title refers to plain horizontal machines, in distinction to universal machines.

Note: The manuals listed above may not be for the exact model of equipment we have.

These manuals are undated, and their contents might not exactly match our particular machine, built in February, 1942.

When we can't find an online manual (or spec sheet or parts list) for the exact model of equipment we have, we may provide a link for a similar model, such as a newer or older model in the same product line, in hope that there will be enough similarities for the document to be useful. If you can provide reliable information about the differences between the models, or if you can provide a link to more appropriate documentation for our model, please update the wiki, or let us know so that we can update it.

And of course if what you read in any documentation, for whatever model, seems discrepant from the appearance or behavior of the equipment in front of you in a way that leaves you unsure of how to proceed safely, don't go charging ahead. Consider the situation more carefully, seek advice from someone more experienced with such equipment, and/or find a different way to approach your task that you can feel confident is safe.

The second of the two parts manuals above appears to be newer, but the first starts with a page of dimensions and specs not included in the second.

The machine in the video is a Model H, smaller than our 2H but generally similar.

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