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Conversations with Jim Schrempp

Thanks for adding all the categories to our wiki pages. That is a great idea. Jschrempp (talk)

I'm not a mediawiki guru... Is there some way we can get in touch through email without my posting my email publicly here? Like an "email a member" function? Jschrempp (talk)

I found this page you created in the orphans list - it isn't linked in any other wiki page. Did you intend this to be a draft, or should we link it into the site? CiviCRM Jschrempp (talk)

I added the file upload license options. Turns out we have to set those options. Jschrempp (talk)

Use of references on Fork lift charger

Saw your message on Jim's page. If you'd like to use Wikipedia-style <ref> on Fork lift charger, please let me know which templates you'd like to use and I'll copy or transclude them from Wikipedia (with appropriate licensing). DanR (talk) 16:28, 15 June 2020 (EDT)