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I'm a retired software engineer who loves to make stuff. I spent 20 years at HP in their proprietary operating system world, then 15 years in my own start up, Audible Magic. Now I just goof off.

I've enjoyed using all the machines at the old TechShop. I made a 3D scan of my head and then used it on the 3D printers and the ShopBot. I took a surface of Edgewood park off Google Earth and made scale models on the laser cutters, 3D printers, and ShopBot. I've laser etched a bunch of stuff from the lower floor of IKEA.

Lately I've been making IoT devices with a good friend of mine. We made an Arduino based device to serve pills to his mother; a based device to monitor the movements of an older adult around their home using cheap wireless sensors; and a device to monitor an area for flooding that alerts to a smart phone. These projects are all available to anyone:

I also enjoy sous vide cooking, recipes for mole and chili, reading books at The Plantation in San Carlos, and traveling.

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