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Hi! I'm a new maker, but I am an experienced Wiki editor on Wikipedia.

I'm here to try to update and add pages on this Wiki.

Main Page needs cleanup

The Main Page is out of date and needs work. It's not currently focused on Maker Nexus, but more on maker spaces in the south bay. I intend to make a proposed new main page at User:DanClemmensen/Proposed Main page

We also have a few technical issues.

  • "help" links to the mediawiki help page, not to a MN help page
  • the talk page of the main page is edit-protected. Should be edit-allowed for logged-in users.

Hi Dan, The wiki has two objectives. One is to serve the larger community of makers and makerspaces around the world. The second is to be a repository for info about Maker Nexus. This is why the first page has a dual personality. The jumping off point for all things Maker Nexus is: This is linked on the home wiki page and is the second link on the left hand menu. Jschrempp (talk)

WRT main page talk: Can you point me to a reference on how I can edit-protect the main page but leave the talk page open for logged in users? Or give me a hint on how to set that kind of ACL. Jschrempp (talk)