Powermatic PM180 18" Planer

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Powermatic PM180 18" Planer




Use of this tool requires successful completion of the BOSS class "Woodshop I - table saw, jointer, planer, miter saw" or an equivalent check-off.


Specs (Google Drive)

  • Electrical spec:
V 203 / V 460
F.L.A. 19.0 / F.L.A. 9.5
HZ 60

MN Asset Details

Powermatic PM180 Serial Number Plate
Powermatic PM180 Motor
Powermatic PM180 Wiring Diagram
  • Location: Wood Shop
  • Model Number: 180
  • Serial Number: 8280066
  • Motor Serial Number: F0108034149
  • MN Asset Number: mnAN

Safety Specifics

All general MN Safety policies of course apply to use of this tool, as do safety policies for the containing shop area and safety practices prescribed in our classes and/or in detailed tool documentation, regardless of whether they're repeated here.



Operating Instructions And Parts List

Operating Instructions And Parts List (Google Drive)

Maintenance Instructions And Parts List

Maintenance Instructions And Parts List (Google Drive)

Materials, Tooling, Accessories




Tips & Tricks

Q: How little can you take off with one pass through the planer?

A: 1/16” is about the minimum reliable amount you can take off. It also depends on the wood, soft woods are going to show feed roller indentations that the cutters don't remove, more so than a hardwood. If you want smaller increments then use the drum sander, there you can take off as little as 1/64”.

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