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Our Shared Safety Responsibility

Incorrect use of a machine, tool, or material can endanger everyone in the building. Because of our shared risk, we all share the responsibility to police each other. We each have a responsibility to step up and question anyone using a machine or material or tool in a way we believe is unsafe.

Stop work authority

Everyone at MakerNexus has stop work authority. When you see unsafe work, don't wait to tell a staff member. Politely ask the worker to stop work. Be respectful. Do not increase the hazard by suddenly startling the worker. Use good judgment.

If you are ordered to stop work, you must immediately put your work in a safe condition, and stop work until the matter is resolved. The matter can be resolved immediately between the person issuing the stop work order and the person doing the work. If that fails, bring a staff member into the discussion. MakerNexus staff has the ultimate authority to decide how to proceed safely.

Be respectful

Stop work authority helps keep us safe. Be respectful at all times, especially when resolving a conflict or a safety issue.

If you see any unsafe condition at MakerNexus, even if there is no work activity occurring, tell a staff member.

Bottom line: No matter what you are working on, no matter how important your job is, if someone asks you to stop for a concern about safety, you must stop immediately. If you do not then you may lose your access to the makerspace even if you are later proven correct.