Maker Spaces In San Francisco area

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If you need to make, below are maker spaces that you might consider using.

If you need a job in the maker community of SF... SFMade Job Board

On Peninsula

Greater Bay Area

SF City

  • Noisebridge - SF. Open to public. Run as a consensus organization.
  • Human Made - Makerspace and advanced manufacturing training center
  • Sequoia Fabrica - An intergenerational community workshop in the San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood fostering the next generation of makers, designers and craftspeople
  • Box Shop SF - sheet metal and sculpture artists
  • ManyLabs - Co-working space
  • PEV Works - Specialized towards Personal Electric Vehicles with a light makerspace.
  • Queerious Labs - experimental art and technology creative space and community workshop
  • Double Union is a hacker/maker space and community workshop in San Francisco.
  • PEV - personal electric vehicle workshop

East Bay

South Bay

Networking Groups of Makers locally