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Notes from Maker meeting @ HackPGH 11/15/2017

  • Website for future updates:

Chad is working on a site, http://makepgh.org/, where we can aggregate info/updates on making in Pittsburgh.

Spaces with laser resources


  • 2x3ft 150w Laser Cutter
  • $0.25 per minute to use and must be a member to use
  • See membership info and additional resources below.
  • https://hackpgh.org/


Carnegie Science Center Fab Lab

  • Has a 40w laser.
  • Available for use during Free Flow fridays (must sign up ahead of time)
  • Must take a class before use, but they might be able to be flexible on this for former TS members who took the SBU. Please contact the space to confirm.
  • Also has other equipment available if you’ve taken the course
  • Courses $25
  • http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/programs/fablab-public-workshops/

Pitt Makerspace

Makerspaces with available memberships (with members represented at this meeting)

If you are reading these notes and would like your space to be added as a resource, please shoot me an email at kskelly412@gmail.com

Hack Pittsburgh

  • https://hackpgh.org/
  • $50/mo Membership
  • Day Passes until Jan 1st.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Teach a class, get a free month membership.
  • Volunteer one shop clean a quarter.
  • +18 but classes for all ages.
  • A place to prototype and do small scale manufacturing.
  • Main Tools / Shop Areas:
    • 2x3ft 150w Laser Cutter
    • Mig Welders / Metal Shop
    • Table Saw / Wood Shop
    • Sewing/Embroidery Machines
    • Electronics Workbench
    • Prototype

Feminist makerspace: allowing feminists of all genders to pursue their creative interests.

Future: Protohaven

  • nonprofit makerspaces founded by members and staff of TechShop Pittsburgh to continue the community of the shop.
  • Fundraiser launching Nov 20th.
  • More info at https://www.protohaven.org/

Future: Factory Unlocked

Other non-laser non-makerspace resources

  • James Gyre offered to let people use his woodshop on Mondays. Contact James for more info.
  • Thorin Tobiassen offered that he may have some shop resources available.
  • Status/Updates on Makerspaces in Pittsburgh
    • HackPGH will keep day passes available at least til end of the year to provide gap coverage. HackPGH is expanding their space in the new year.
    • Prototype is moving to a new larger space next year.
    • Factory Unlocked is in the process of negotiating a new real estate deal to open their shop.
    • Protohaven is launching a fundraiser to open a new makerspace (now without a partnership with TechShop) on Monday, Nov. 20th and has several great options for a space.

Future partnerships efforts for Pittsburgh Makerspaces

  • To keep the community working together, one idea is to develop class curriculum that can be used across different spaces.
  • Finding good insurance policies
  • Having consistent safety policies
  • Someone mentioned that OSHA may have put out a set of guidelines for makerspaces.