Brother GT-541 Garment Printer

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Brother GT-541 Garment Printer


The Brother GT-541 Direct To Fabric printer allows you to put any graphic on a flat piece of material. Print on t-shirts, bandanas, sweatshirts, fabric shopping bags, your own material for sewing projects, etc.

After 30 seconds in the heat press the image is permanent; we have seen it survive many, many trips through the washing machine.


BOSS class is available to show the operation of the machine.


  • 14" x 16" print area
  • Can print on black background, but has no white ink so the end effect is up to your artistic intent.

MN Asset Details

[[File:image of name plate.jpg|300px|thumb|right|Image of name plate]

  • Location: Textile area
  • Model Number: GT-541
  • Serial Number: needed to add
  • MN Asset Number: MN-???

Safety Specifics

All general MN Safety policies of course apply to use of this tool, as do safety policies for the containing shop area and safety practices prescribed in our classes and/or in detailed tool documentation, regardless of whether they're repeated here.


Materials, Tooling, Accessories




The driver requires Windows 7. Upon first install you then need to follow instructions included in the driver download package to finish the set up.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape

Really ANY software can print to the GT-541. The documentation includes information for setting the color space in your software to best match the print colors.

Tips & Tricks

Centering Your Image

If you want your image to print in a particular location (who doesn't?) I suggest using sewing chalk. Mark the corners of a 14"x16" square on your garment and then align those marks with the corners of the Platen.

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