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Hacker Dojo in Santa Clara, California has one of these.



Thunder Laser website


User Review

The Nova 51 is a big bed 100 watt laser. In 2017 the price was $10k. It easily cuts through 0.5-inch pine board. The cuts are very clean with a small kerf. Properly adjusted there is no burnt edge.

The documentation is an odd translation from Chinese and can be very hard to understand. (Air Assist is turned on by the option "If Blowing".) Some of the warning stickers on the machine are impossible to understand.

It comes with free R8Works software, MSWindows only. The software can import DXF files. Each color is imported as a separate layer and each layer is given a separate laser control specification (speed, power, cut/scan). They provide a plug-in for AI, Corel, and a few others - I have not tried them.

Overall, I think this laser is a great value.