Marketing and Outreach Manager

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DRAFT: Comments in the Discussion page Reports to General Manager

General Overview

Seek, develop, promote, and maintain activities and programs of outreach aligned with the mission of MakerNexus. Responsible for managing all social media channels. Includes creating posts that communicate organizational accomplishments to increase awareness and a sense of community among actual and potential members. Recommends to the board of directors ways to reach new potential members. Includes managing all two way communities to insure appropriate behavior by all community members.


  • Maintain communication with our own community that has them engaged with our ongoing story. And encourages them to both join as members and/or to donate as patrons.
  • Build interest in our organization throughout the region and the world that leads to corporate sponsorship of our organization in some way.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and execute a marketing plan to meet our objectives. Includes coordinating work done by other volunteers, board members.
  • Prepare collateral materials and information for various interests: public, donor, member, schools, etc.
  • Seek, develop and implement various event, partnership opportunities for community engagement, fundraising, and outreach such as Maker Faire.
  • Develop and maintain strategic online presence and engagement.
    • Determine target, mix, touch rate of social media platforms: (v)blog, snapchat, facebook, pintrest, other
    • Provide regular periodic communications and engagements on strategic social media platforms, includes our weekly newsletter
    • Respond and engage community thru posts and comments where appropriate.
    • Evangelize events, and activities of the organization and it's members/volunteers/staff.
  • Target, cultivate and maintain relationships with local groups: philanthropic organizations, schools, community members, influencers, press, networking groups, and other makerspaces and maker organizations
  • Provide regular reports (verbal and written) to GM and Board on progress.
  • Community:
    • Arrange periodic townhall meetings of the membership, solicit and publish agenda, run meeting. Insure someone takes good notes, action based.
    • Arrange monthly membership newsletters to insure internal communications and engagement is as good as external.


  • Positive, the glass is half full orientation
  • Can work productively with all kinds of people
  • Self driven and responsible
  • Excellent Communications: spoken and written
  • Ability to handle multiple projects, priorities, and meet deadlines.
  • Listens well to the concerns of other people
  • Demonstrated Organization skills managing both projects and people.
  • Photography and Videography Skills a plus.