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Registering to take a class

All of our classes are listed on Amilia and that's where you register as well. To register, you will need to have an Amilia account. In the checkout process Amilia will walk you through these steps.

A list of scheduled classes with seats available can be found here.

Note that we occasionally list our classes and camps on other websites such as Activity Hero, Eventbrite, MeetUp. All of these classes will also be listed in our Amilia store.

Kinds of classes

At Maker Nexus, an important part of our mission is not just to provide access to equipment but to teach people to use it safely and effectively. Our motto is: "We Grow Makers." In keeping with that goal, we offer various kinds of classes on various kind of equipment to students various ages and experience levels. We have three kinds of classes: Equipment Training; Project Workshops; Skill Development Classes.

Equipment Training Classes

Before you can use one of the more sophisticated or dangerous tools at Maker Nexus, you need to complete an Equipment Training class. These classes typically last 1.5 hours; woodshop classes cover a number of different machines at once and could be 3 hours long. Most of these classes do not require any prior knowledge or experience and can be taken in any order you would like. Any prerequisites are listed in the description of the session on Amilia.

Check-offs: If you already really know how to use the equipment well, you can arrange for a proctor to do a check-off with you. You must have direct experience with that machine or a very close parallel.

Check-off procedure:

  • Send a Slack direct message to the appropriate area manager with the most relevant experience you have on this equipment.
  • One of the managers will approve your request for a check-off, or let you know that you need to take the Equipment Training class.
  • If approved, the manager will help you coordinate a check-off with one of our volunteer proctors.
  • The proctor will conduct the check-off test and report back to the manager.
  • The manager will make the final decision of whether you can use the equipment now or need to take the Equipment Training class.

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Project Workshops

These classes have a specific thing that you build. Small, large, difficult, easy — each class walks you through the process under the supervision of an instructor. At the end you will have something to take home, and you will know enough to try it again on your own. (Project classes are not Equipment Training classes and to use more sophisticated or dangerous equipment on your own, you will still need to complete the appropriate Equipment Training class.) Examples are: Make a Pen on the Wood Lathe; Create a Glass Bead Ornament; Pewter Sand Casting; Create a Cutting Board; Make a Leather Pouch.

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Skill Classes

All of our classes help you grow your skills, but these classes are specifically designed to increase your skill in a certain area. There isn't necessarily something to take home except the knowledge that you can now do something better. An example would be, Advanced Bandsaw Techniques.

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Youth Programs

Day camps, week-long camps, after-school programs. All aimed at keeping your child engaging in hands-on making activities with a STEM focus.

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Class schedules

Youth Program Schedule

Our list of currently-scheduled youth programs is here. You can also get to it by clicking "Education" below the title box on the Maker Nexus home page and selecting "Youth STEAM Sign Up" from the drop-down menu.

Note: While "adult" classes have no upper age limit, lower age limits vary. Some may be open to students as young as 8. Class listings link to descriptions on Activity Hero which will give the age range for each class and specify cases where we require that younger students be accompanied by an adult.

Adult Class Schedule

Our list of currently-scheduled classes open to adults is here. You can also get to it by clicking "Education" below the title box on our home page and selecting "Classes & Workshops" from the drop-down.

Class and Event Calendar

The lists described above group sessions by class name, so that you can see all scheduled dates for any class together. Our class and event calendar lists upcoming events in date order. It includes classes for all age groups as well as other events at Maker Nexus, such as lectures and meetings. You can also get to this calendar from our home page by clicking "Class Calendar" on the right hand side of the title box. The calendar comes up in a "month view" with columns for each day of the week; clicking the "Agenda" tab will give you a view with each event on a separate full-width line.

Requesting Classes

If there are no scheduled sessions of a class currently available, or none at times that fit your schedule, you can request one. We recommend that members make class requests by posting to the #class-requests Slack channel, which has the advantage that other members interested in the class may see your request and make their interest known, allowing the education team to schedule a session at a time that works for everyone. You can also make class requests by email to <>.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and changes of class reservations are subject to our Class/Workshop/Event Cancellation and Change Policy. The policy also covers classes cancellations and changes by Maker Nexus.

Suggestions for Classes

Our education program is under continual development. If you have an idea for a class we could offer, you can tell us about it by sending email to <> or by posting to the #classideas Slack channel.

Class Notes

You can find handouts for many of our classes within the Education folder on the MN Members Google Drive.

List of Equipment Training Classes

Our Equipment Training class offerings will change as we bring new equipment online, and occasionally as we retire equipment. We aim always to offer Equipment Training classes for tools that we make available to members and that require training to operate safely.

Wood Shop

  • Woodshop I: Tools for Wood Preparation Equipment Training
  • Woodshop II: Saws & Sanders Equipment Training
  • Woodshop III: Router Fundamentals Equipment Training
  • Woodshop IV: Introduction to Lathe Equipment Training
  • Woodshop V: CNC Router Equipment Training
  • Woodshop: Drum Sander Equipment Training
  • Woodshop: Dovetail Jig Equipment Training

Metal Shop

  • Metalworking: Metal Lathe Equipment Training
  • Bridgeport Mill Equipment Training

Laser Cutters

  • 45W Laser Cutter, Epilog Helix Equipment Training
  • 100W Laser Cutter, BossLaser LS2440 Equipment Training
  • Laser Rotary Attachment Equipment Training

3D Printing

  • 3D Printing with Prusa i3 MK3 Equipment Training


  • Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine Equipment Training
  • Barudan CNC Embroidery Machine Equipment Training
  • Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press Equipment Training
  • SUMMA Vinyl Thermal Printer & Cutter Equipment Training
  • Direct to Garment Printer Equipment Training


  • Glass Bead Making & Lampworking Equipment Training

List of Project Classes

Our project class offerings may vary over time depending on demand and instructor availability. The following examples are representative of project classes we have offered.

  • Laminated Cutting Board (2 Sessions)
  • Turn a Wood Pen on the Lathe
  • Woodshop Project - Make a Side Table
  • VERTICAL MILL WS : Make a Bottle Opener
  • Tote Bag Workshop: Introductory Sewing
  • Intro Sewing: Make an Apron
  • Intro Sewing - Halloween Edition!
  • Beginning Sewing - Pillows
  • Beginner Sewing - Pajama bottoms
  • 3D Pleated Mask Making
  • Latex Garment Construction
  • Laser Cut Picture Puzzle
  • Valentine's Workshop: Create a Puzzle Card
  • Make a Silver Kitty Ring -Silver Solder Workshop
  • Metal Fold Forming Workshop - Make a Bracelet
  • Moldmaking and Resin Casting RPG Dice
  • Desk Fan: soldering 1
  • Soldering: UV LED Puzzle Variable Nightlight
  • Beginner IoT Wearable LED Costuming with M5Stack
  • Workshop: Laser Lab
  • LASER WORKSHOP: Make a refillable notebook cover
  • Harriet Tubman Stamp making Workshop
  • Intro to Internet of Things
  • Pumpkin Glass Beads & Lampworking
  • Intro to Leather Workshop: Make a Small Purse

List of Skill Classes

Our project class offerings may vary over time depending on demand and instructor availability. The following examples are representative of skill classes we have offered.

  • Wood Lathe Bowl Turning Techniques
  • Tool Sharpening I: Lathe Gouges on Wolverine Jig
  • Tool Sharpening II: Lathe Skews
  • Tool Sharpening III: Chisels & Plane Blades
  • CAD DESIGN - AUTODESK FUSION 360: Make a toolbox
  • Intro to Fusion 360 3D Design
  • Intermediate Fusion 360 3D Design
  • Adobe Illustrator for CNC Laser Cutters

List of Youth Programs

Our youth program offerings may vary over time depending on demand and instructor availability. The following examples are representative of youth programs we have offered.

Wood Shop

  • Camp: Beginning Woodworking
  • Camp: Advanced Woodworking
  • Pinewood Derby Workshop
  • Woodworking Camp
  • Day Camp: Design and Fabricate a Marble Run

Metal Shop

  • CAMP: MicroSmithing
  • Camp: Youth Welding 101-103 (Stick Welding and Plasma Cutting)
  • Camp: Youth Welding 101-103 (MIG Welding and Plasma Cutting)
  • Camp: Youth Welding 101-103 (TIG Welding)

Laser Cutting

  • Day Camp: Laser Cut Your Dreams


  • Day Camp: DIY Ugly Monster Sewing & Sticker Making
  • Textile Costume Camp
  • Fashion Design-Imagine What You


  • Camp: Arduino Construction and Programming (Camp Arduino: Mouse Bot Build)
  • Camp: Build-A-Clock (Soldering Intro)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventures - Level 1 (World of LEGO®)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventure - Level 2 (Star Wars® LEGO® Adventure)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventure - Level 2 (Bot Battle Arena LEGO® Adventure)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventure - Level 2 (Pirates of Silicon ValleyLEGO® Adventure)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventure - Level 2 (Jurassic LEGO® Adventure)
  • Camp: LEGO® Adventure - Level 3 (LEGO® Masters Camp)
  • Youth Robotics Camp Gr 6 - 9
  • Arduino Basics: Electronics & Coding
  • Arduino Camp
  • Day Camp: Interactive Paper Circuits
  • Day Camp: Make Your Own Speaker + Crazy AMPs
  • LEGO Bot Battle


  • Camp: Gaming Adventure (RPG and MTG)
  • Camp: Design Maker
  • Design & Prototype: Board game
  • Day Camp: Air Rocket Madness
  • Fashion Mask and Laser Camp
  • Design Thinking Maker Camp
  • CAMP: Resin-Wood Jewelry Making
  • IoT Wearables Camp - Engineering Social Distance
  • DIY Chain Mail Balls & Juggling

Merit Badges