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Face masks are used to help prevent the spread of the disease. These masks are worn by people who are infected, or might be infected. You should wear one if you are coughing or sneezing.

Our local hospital is keeping the official paper masks for their staff. They want to give one of these to every patient who walks in the door.

​ These masks are made of cotton. They have elastic or ties that go around the ears or tie around the head. They are washable.  ​ You can make these at home with a sewing machine. 

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Sew Cloth Face Masks At Home

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We are establishing a network of sewers to make cloth face masks. You sew them and deliver them to our facility. We will then bundle them together and deliver them to healthcare and related facilities that have requested them. To be part of our network, fill in this form and we will contact you:

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Materials Needed

Natural fiber cloth, like cotton. Hospitals do not want masks made of used cloth (no old t-shirts or sheets, please).

  • 2 yards of material, cotton fabric approx 42” width will make 24 Adult style.
  • Maker Nexus can provide 2 yards of fabric (1 style for the inside, one for the outside), plus elastic to use for making 24 masks. If interested please email to arrange a pickup at Maker Nexus 234 Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale or a location in San Carlos (exact address to be provided in responding email).


It takes about 15 minutes to make one. Instructions can be found here

IMPORTANT note: (feedback from nurse practitioner) Use different color/pattern fabric for inside and outside, so users know which side was exposed to patients and thus contaminated.

What to do with the finished product

Finished masks can be dropped off a Maker Nexus 234 Caribbean Dr, Sunnyvale or a location in San Carlos. Please email with an approximate time for drop off at Maker Nexus or to get the San Carlos address

Who to contact

MN members join the #textiles channel on Slack


What material is best? Cotton.

An article in The Lancet about these kinds of masks.