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We are really excited to see so many people using the woodshop! We're glad to see the tools being used.

Unfortunately, with that use, we've seen people not cleaning up after themselves, and not observing proper maintenance of tools.

Our policy is that you clean up a machine BEFORE you leave it. If you're coming back to it later in your project, and don't want to clean it up twice - sorry - clean it up immediately anyway. Do NOT leave a machine un-cleaned and continue working elsewhere. More often than not, you'll forget, and leave this for us to clean up.

The drum sander has seen multiple burned belts in just one week - anyone using it should be cleaning that belt regularly, not at the end of a project, but every couple of passes. Doing so will dramatically extend the life of the abrasive. That's true of every abrasive in the woodshop.

Make sure you return fences, blades, etc. to where you found them when you're done.

Be sure to check the bottom of your jigs/work. We've had a couple of times now where members have accidentally run screw points into work surfaces, including the planer bed and router lift. Please please please check your work holding, patterns, jigs, etc. especially if you are using screws or nails to attach anything. The tips can do serious damage in short order if you don't watch out for that.

Lastly: if something isn't working how you expect it to, don't keep going and just force it through. Stop, identify the issue, and if necessary, ask questions before proceeding. Doing so minimizes damage to tools, protects your projects, and most importantly, keeps you safe.

We want everyone to have a great experience in the woodshop, and at Maker Nexus in general. Taking your time, double checking what you're doing, and cleaning up after yourself will help everyone have a good experience. Please treat the tools here with the utmost respect so that the people who come after you have the same quality tools available to them.


  • SawStop tablesaw
  • chop saws
  • 14 inch planer
  • jointer
  • bandsaws
  • drill presses
  • scroll saws
  • lathes
  • drum sander
  • disk sander
  • hand power tools
  • and much more