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Thanks for thinking of us. Every donation helps us reach more makers in our community.

Things We Need

Our makerspace needs so many things. We list a few items here that would be nice to have. Perhaps you could buy something off the list and donate it? You could contact Regina to make sure someone else hasn't already purchased the item.

  • Office trash cans (10)
  • 10 soldering fume extractors. We'll put two in the main room and use the rest when we teach classes
  • 5 silent wall clocks, battery powered, to put around the makerspace. They can't be ones that make a loud ticking sound - that would drive everyone crazy.
  • 10 laptops or chrome books for our education program.

Helping Others

  • Sponsor a Maker - We have some members of our community that can not afford the $150 monthly membership. We would like to offer them a scholarship, but we don't have the funds yet to do that. You could help by sponsoring a membership. You could offer to pay half of someone's monthly membership for a year, the whole membership, or some other program that suits you. Contact us and we can discuss some options.
  • Sponsor a Student - We sometimes hear from a person who would like to take one of our classes but cannot afford the class fees. We are unable to provide these classes for free at this time. You could help by donating to a scholarship fund. Classes can cost between $60 and $200. We will use your donation to provide a class to someone at either no-cost or at a reduced cost.
  • Youth STEAM Camp - Our one week long STEAM camps for teens give them experience with a variety of maker tools. Some are about robotics, some are about woodshop, some are a whirl wind exposure to a number of different parts of the makerspace. The cost is about $1,000 per student including materials. You could help by sponsoring a student, or even an entire class of 10 students. If you want a special curriculum, we could do that too. For example, Amazon Lab126 sponsored an extensive 3 week autonomous robot challenge in 2019 for 35 students.

General Information

We have more information about giving on our web site.

If you have some other idea of something that might help us out, talk to any of the staff members.