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This pages, and the ones it links to, are a bit of our history that could be of interest to other makerspaces. This is how we organized (or tried to organize) our volunteer organization to boot strap our makerspace.


Gather requirements, specify needs, evaluate solutions, recommend a solution(s) to the board. Implement solution(s). Currently we know we need: CRM, physical access control, accounting, equipment maintenance.


We have specified a full collaboration toolset. Our CRM is working. Our RFID system is in place. Our network is set up. Our video camera system is operational.

We have the IT channel on Slack where we discuss issues.


6 people


Skills Needed

  • Experience with any solutions in the areas listed above
  • General software specification and evaluation
  • Ability to gather and synthesize user needs

Board Liaison

Jim Schrempp

Focus Areas

If you need help in one of these areas, these are your contacts:

  • Amilia
  • RFID
  • WiFi
  • NAS
  • Website
  • Slack
  • Activity Hero
  • Wiki