Hospital Scrubs

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Scrubs are light weight, disposable clothing worn in a hospital setting.


​ You can make these at home and drop them off at Maker Nexus for distribution.

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Sew Hospital Scrubs At Home

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We are establishing a network of sewers to make hospital scrubs. You sew them and deliver them to our facility. We will then bundle them together from multiple makers and deliver them to healthcare and related facilities that have requested them. To be part of our network, fill in this form and we will contact you:

I want to help make them

Materials Needed

Natural fabric like cotton so they can be washed at very high temperature.

We may have some material to distribute to MN members; ask on Slack #textiles.



Women's Scrubs

Men's Scrubs

What to do with the finished product

Seal in plastic bag with a note on the size and sex of the set you have made. Deliver to Maker Nexus. Please be sure you are following proper sanitation procedures when you make your scrubs. Wear disposable gloves and a breathing mask. We want to minimize the chance of you contaminating the product and spreading the infection to others.

After it reaches MN, we will sanitize them before delivering to its end destination.

What we need

Who to contact

MN members join the #covid-scrubs channel on Slack. (Note that some older postings can be found on #textiles.)