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We get the free face shields out through shipping, delivery driver, or pickup. When someone picks them up we try to get a photo to post here. We have shipped to many other organizations that are not represented by the photos. To list a few:

  • Benioff Children's Hospital, San Francisco
  • Weil Cornell Medical Center, New York
  • UC San Diego Medical Center
  • San Francisco General Hospital

Highland Hospital

Highland Hospital .JPG

Grace Sub Acute and Skilled Nursing

Grace sub acute and skilled nursing.JPG

Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital.JPG

PAMF Mountain View

Dr. Gannon Dudlar PAMF MV.jpeg

Dr. Gannon Dudlar

Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Asian Americans for Community Involvement.JPG

Alta Bates Medical Center

Alta Bates Medical Center.JPG

Regional Medical Centre, San Jose

Regional Medical Center San Jose - Becka Webber.JPG

Becka Webber and team

San Mateo EMS

San Mateo EMS.JPG

Scripps Hospital Hospice, Santa Rosa

Scripps hospital hospice Santa Rosa.JPG

Northern California Anesthesia Physicians

Northern California anathesia physicians.JPG

Local Dentists Office

DDS pickup 20200401.JPG

Bay Area Arthritis Care

Bay Area Arthritis Care.png

Can't thank you enough for the face shields. Your company is doing a wonderful job helping the healthcare system. From all of us at Bay Area Arthritis Care

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

VMCF Shield lineup.png VMCF Making a shield.png VMCF wearing a shield.png

Hey @maker_nexus, look what you did! 500 locally produced faceshields assembled today at SCVMC! So many peoplestepped up to make this happen. THANK YOU.

Good Samaritan Hospital

MSET team wearing shields.png MSET team saying thanks.png

Shield pieces from MakerNexus and frames were made by students from the Saratoga High School MSET robotics team.

Kaiser Oakland

Kaiser Oakland getting a box.png

Picking up a box of face shields.

PAMF Santa Cruz

PAMF Santa Cruz taking a box.png

Thanks again for making this happen. My crew is very excited about them. I don’t work again until Wednesday but I’m making a special trip to deliver them on Monday. I guess I’m excited too. :-)

Kindred Hospice


We appreciate the fact that we actually will have masks. Thank you again. Definitely Angels sent from heaven.