Changing Barudan Frame

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Q: I have some material that does not fit into the standard textile frames - I saw some yellow metal frames that look like they work, but no idea how to get them into the machine.

A: Undo the 4 black turn knobs. Slide the pantograph frame out. Slide the clamp frame in. Tighten the 2 centre black knobs. Make sure before you tighten the knobs that the frame is sitting right down and the two little buttons are poking through the holes by the knobs.

Reverse the procedure to put the pantograph frame back. Again, make sure it's sitting correctly on the buttons before you tighten up all 4 knobs.

Barudan- 9 17 2023 , 2 48 58 PM.jpg

Barudan knob 1.jpg Barudan knob 2.jpg

Barudan knob 3.jpg Barudan knob 4.jpg

Barudan knob 5.jpg Barudan knob 6.jpg