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From FB Post Feb 2018:

For those hackerspaces out there on a budget, there's a site I really need to tell you guys about. I promise I'm not tied to this group in any way, I just love this thing. It's and we use it to document all of our equipment. The site itself is free to use to "customers". Their business is selling barcode labels. You can populate your data and try before buying any labels of course. I bought about $40 and they're good quality. I'd pay $40/yr just to use this site.

The nice thing about this site is that you can add custom fields, set different levels of security for your users, the mobile app works fantastic (barcode scanner from phone works from 3 feet away). You can also export all of your data (except photos) to an XLS or CSV for backups. You can also import data from a CSV as well.

I know documenting assets is boring as hell. But we are using ours in more ways than one. We have an Excel VBA program that takes an exported CSV file, builds it into a database then builds a wiki page of our equipment and ftp's it to our wiki site. For an example, check this out:

We created a "wiki link" field on our assets, so when using the mobile app, it's just another click to pull up more info on the unit. We're still working on our wiki content to maximize this however. We also put a flag "list on site" so we can dictate what gets to the wiki, and what we just don't list.

I'd rather convert this program to python so I can run it automatically at night, but that's the next phase. If you think you're real good at python and good at screen scraping, contact me. Or, if you want to do something similar and use the Excel program I have, you're welcome to it,just ping me via email. email address is Jeff, my first name, at

I'm hoping to establish a tool library in our space for tools we have that members can take home. This platform allows "check out" functionality as well, which will be nice.