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Voiern website


I got a 1080 (1000x800mm), 100w reci tube, rudia dsp, with high-win rails. Total price was $2150 +150 for shipping. Duties, broker fees, taxes, and other shipping/dock fees $700. So all total i got my laser to my door $3k. This did not include a chiller only water pump.

Also just bc you are not an ocean port does not mean you can have it shipped to your local shipping port. Pittsburgh is a bonded port with NY. So they just threw it on a train for me. Was an extra $30.

User Reviews

This laser breaks down to 24” high so it could fit through a 32” door.

Also it takes 2 months to get here via sea port shipping and fda 2811 clearance.

You should definitely where laser safety glasses when aligning lasers.

The good: I have a laser and it was reasonable priced. It arrived mostly intact. Everything I wanted is there as asked. It seems to run ok although I only had a very rough cut today.

The bad: A screw came loose and my z axis table was slightly bent, fixed that but it does not seem to move when ordered from controller. Trouble shooting will be required. It's bigger than advertised by a few inches. This is very important if you planned to carry it up 3 flights of steps in a 100y old house... lets just say me and my wife made a compromise and it's now on the second floor instead of the 3rd. It's heavy..........lasers look a lot smaller online...... the 6” exhaust pipe they give is crap and does not reach where my window is. The air pump is broken. So no air assist at the moment.

RDWorks is windows only. Light burn let me join their beta and try their OSX version. Seems good so far but i don’t know the software well enough to speak good or bad about it yet. It did allow my to convert a .ai file to .rd file. Then threw it on a flash drive and went to town for a second engraving/cutting.

The exhaust fan does not seem to be powerful enough for this size of laser. Either I need a bigger fan, or maybe adapt my table and add an exhaust shield to focus the fan.

Overall I’m extremely excited and happy to have a laser in my house. Especially one of this size. Its massive 67x47” working area is 39x31 ish....

Air pump and Z axis are minor things i can fix and work with.