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Create a specification for a Customer Relationship Management system that will be the center of our shop's IT systems. Evaluate that spec against available solutions. Recommend a solution the board. This needs to be done quickly.


We originally selected EZFacility as our CRM. In April 2023 we investigated using Odoo and then settled on another well supported cloud based solution, Amilia. We went live with Amilia on August 30, 2023.

At this time the team handles issues as they arise. We have a CRM channel in Slack.



CRM Trained

If you need help with Amilia, see one of these

  • Jim Schrempp
  • Barbara Clemmensen
  • Sarah Kramer
  • Craig Colvin
  • Nick Garvey


  • Experience with gathering needs from users, evaluating those needs, and synthesizing a specification
  • Evaluation of specs against existing solutions in the market
  • Experience with a CRM system in a similar business to MN

Board Liaison

Craig Colvin


Consolidated User Stories:

Contact management

Take steps to prevent the same person being entered in the database twice. When slip-ups occur and a duplicate entry is created, have a means of consolidating the duplicate entries, such that:

  • One and only one entry is identified as correct one to use.
  • Future updates are made only the the correct entry.
  • Past transactions reference the correct entry.

Maker Coach (like a TechShop DC)

  • I need to bring up a member’s profile and quickly know which machines they have been certified to use.

Shop Reception

  • A person approaches the desk and asks me for the key to the tablesaw. I need to look in the system and quickly find out if they have permission to use the tablesaw.
  • A person calls on the phone because they received an email that their credit card was declined. I need to quickly lookup the person in the system, find the credit card transaction, and get information on why it was declined.

Accounting Clerk

  • Every week I need to see if there are any members who have recently expired memberships.

Membership Manager

  • Every week I need a list of memberships that will expire 30 days from now so I can contact them to make sure the renewal will happen and offer them to pay a year in advance.
  • Every week I need a list of memberships that have expired in the last 60 days so I can contact them and try to get them back.
  • A person calls me and I need to quickly find every contact we have had with them so I know the current status and history of their life with us.
  • A person calls me to renew their membership and I need to be able to do that, including collecting payment.
  • I need to be able to send a newsletter to all our members.
  • If someone visits the shop I need to enter them into the system and track them through a membership funnel.


  • Every week I need an updated list of every revenue transaction by category with a unique identifier for each.
  • Each month I need a forward looking 6 month projection of membership fees based on current members.
  • Each month I need a forward looking 6 month monthly list of memberships that come due each month so I can forecast revenue risk.

Donor Manager

  • If someone tells me they pledge some money, I need to put them in the system with a payment plan and have the system do the rest to collect the donation.
  • Weekly I need a list of donors that have not completed their pledge so I can follow up.
  • When a donor calls me I need to quickly find their complete history with us so I can effectively guide them into contributing again.
  • I need to send personalized thank you emails to each donor.

Shop Manager

  • When we update a particular tool safety class I need to identify all members who have taken a previous version of the class so I can determine if they need to get an update.
  • When I find that a certain instructor was not following the curriculum of a particular tool safety class I need to identify all members who took the class from that instructor so I can get them the correct information.

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