Dec 28, 2017 Dan Rasure

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Reported by Seth Abbott Newsome‎ on FB:

Dan Rasure, manager of TS 2.0, just called me personally to say a few things to the group. As with anything related to Techshop, Ill believe it when I see it. But he said that he is proceeding with the deal to try and open most of the shops in January.

He also said that if that can go forward he is fully committed to paying 100% of employee and contractor pay. There is of course still the issue of reclassification, and he seems to agree that likely at least some of the contractor positions were inappropriate, but its a different discussion.

He is drafting a personal message to be posted to the group later. Will keep you posted.

Posted by Dan Rasure on FB:

We are working diligently to get the employees and instructors paid. There is a ton of details to get covered in the agreements.

Waiting on all of the final documents to come back. Everything is extremely close.