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Current Projects

If you would like to sign up to help with a particular project, please contact Eric Hess or Regina Sakols.

Please use a yellow background to indicate a high priority task.

Please use a Bold In Progress - YourName to indicate it is being worked on.

Please use an Italic Complete after a task to note it has been finished.


  • GFI outlet
  • Prime wall in main room. -In Progress - Eric H
  • Sand wall in main room. -Complete

General Space

Applies to the overall space, no specific area test

Main Room

The large carpeted room on the right (address 234)

Class room

The room on the 236 side with computers.

Event Room

The large carpeted room on the left side (236)

  • Change sink to be a slop sink
    • What are the requirements for the Maker Nexus "slop sink?" Frankst (talk) 19:40, 9 January 2019 (EST)


Large one in 236

Small one in 236

Large one in 234

Small one in 234


236 warehouse space

  • Currently a second storage room. Not sure what this area will become.

Fork lift charger

MN Office

Large conference room

The room on the right (234 side) with the shark logo window.

Small conference room

The room on the left (236 side).

Break Room

IT work

Upcoming Projects

Metal Lathe Restoration