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This policy is no longer in force

After having this policy for 3 months we found that not one member signed up to use it.

Policy begins September 1, 2020 This policy will be re-evaluated from time to time and may change.

Restricted Days Policy

One day a week, Monday, Maker Nexus is open for only 2 members to use at any time. One person reserves the entire front carpeted "clean area", and one person reserves the entire woodshop including lathe area and ShopBot.

On Monday's there will be only two areas available for reservation: Worktable 1 and Wood Member 1. The reservations will be for 2 hours. A member may take more than one reservation on a day.

A member who would like to take advantage of the Monday restricted access will need to contact Maker Nexus and ask to have the "at-risk" package added to their account. The package is free.


We have many members who are considered at-risk for COVID-19. Many of these members are not comfortable being in the makerspace even with our current COVID-19 limited access policies. To give these members access to the makerspace we have dedicated every Monday to them.