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This page is about general woodworking tools and tips. For the wood shop at the Maker Nexus makerspace in Sunnyvale, CA, see MN-S Wood Shop.



Of course, wood! Check out the Wood Database for tons of information about different woods. Identification, strength, finishes, etc.


Are end grain glue joints weak? No! See the short, very interesting test video.



Bench Vise

Wood Lathe

Wood Chisels

  • Sharpening: The grind on DeWalt chisels is very rough out of the box. The edge isn't durable because it is very jagged. To get a good edge on them you need to carefully flatten the surface of the bevel of the chisel with a rough sharpening stone before moving on to finer grits. Sandpaper is not the right tool for the job.


Wood Inlay

Edge Treatment