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We are a community of makers of all kinds. Novice, expert, hacker, artist, artisan, woodworker, entrepreneur, hobbyist, high schooler, college student, working folks, retired people. Our diverse community works on all kinds of projects; sometimes as a group, often on our own vision. We support each other with ideas, help, and encouragement. Join us and start making anything you can imagine!

We call our organization Maker Nexus.

Our web site is: MakerNexus.org

We are a 501(c)(3) operating a makerspace.

We have a board of directors.

We hope you will join us.

How did we start?

When TechShop went bankrupt a group of members (and a few now ex-employees) from the Mid Peninsula location formed the Facebook group Maker Orphans (formerly TechShop Orphans) to connect the community; it now has over 1000 members across the US. From this group we were able to organize a town hall meeting in Santa Clara, hosted by Hacker Dojo, to discuss future directions and needs of the local maker community. The turnout was greater than we could have imagined. Since then a lot has happened. After the excellent feedback we received from the town hall, ongoing discussions with the greater peninsula maker community, and witnessing the outpouring of community support on the Orphans page, the need for an organization to keep us all connected became clear.