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VR is a cool technology and with headsets costing only a few hundred dollars, it is accessible to many people now. This page is just to start capturing some interesting things.



The Oculus Quest is a great value. It is self contained and does not need to be tethered to anything. You need reasonably fast WiFi. The Quest 2 model costs about $300.



Your model in VR

You can use AltspaceVR to view your own models and examine them with others.

  1. You sign up for a free Altspace account.
  2. In your account, create your own universe and then your own world.
  3. Then convert your .OBJ file to a .glb file and upload it to your My Models area of your Altspace account.
  4. Download the Altspace client to your computer.
  5. Before starting Altspace, go the the My Models area in your browser, open a model, and copy the model URL to your clipboard.
  6. Now start Altspace client, enter your world, and add the model to your world using the World Editor Panel.

Much of this is documented here.

A tip - Your model might render in gigantic size in your Altspace world. In the Editor Panel select the huge model using the list of objects in your world. Then click the gear icon and manually set the Scale factor to be less than 1. (In my case I had to use .001 on one of my models.)