Philip Earl Ettel

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When Phil died his daughter sold the contents of his machine shop to Maker Nexus for a very good price. Phil wanted his machines to go to schools or educational institutions. Thank you Phil. Your machines have a good home and will help to train many people.

Philip Earl Ettel

5/24/1930 - 12/13/2014

Phil desired the possessions of his life to live on through education so that others could also find their niche in life.

At the tail end of WW2, Phil, as he said, “I was always grateful to have served in the U.S. Navy and learned my niche in life aboard the USS Prairie, destroyer tender.” In the belly of this ship he had a machine shop, to this he added two other passions of life, a dark room and his violin.

Returning stateside, he flew his plane from Napa to Livermore Rad Lab employed as a mechanical engineer making nuclear bombs during the Cold War. The importance of family caused his desire to work closer to home after flying his plane blindly through fog. Working in the Bay Area for many years enabled him to play the violin in the Napa, Vallejo, Oakland and San Francisco symphonies. In his semi-retirement years he built a machine shop and worked from home.

It may be of surprise to know the greatest gift of a man with so many talents was his insight of knowing what others needed by helping and counseling, through his gift of giving of himself to others, especially youth.