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Test Page to replace the current main wiki page

Welcome to Maker Nexus Wiki

Maker Nexus is a makerspace in Sunnyvale, California. This page provides a starting point for information relating to

  1. Maker Nexus
  2. makerspaces and making in general
  3. using and editing this wiki.

About Maker Nexus

Main article: Maker Nexus Makerspace

Location, Contact Info, Hours

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<> (for general inquiries)
<> (for inquiries about classes)
Members can also use the #class-request or #classideas Slack channel.
  • Business hours:
Every day 10am–10pm
Holidays: The makerspace is closed for business on the following six holidays: Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.
Schedule variations: If no members are using the space or expected to arrive, the Manager on Duty may close as much as 1/2 hour early. Managers have also sometimes volunteered to keep the facility open past the normal 5pm closing time on Mondays and Tuesdays. Members can use the #openorclosed Slack channel to read announcements or ask questions about these and other schedule variations, such as possible reduced hours on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, or closure due to extreme weather.



Main article: Maker Nexus Equipment
Are there other topics we'll want to add under "Equipment"? Where does the injection molder fit? the vacuum former? the jewelry bench and tools? whatever we expect might be going on in a "mud room" (silk screening?)? What else? --JSaxe


Main article: Maker Nexus Classes     (Currently in very rough draft form --JSaxe)


About Makerspaces and Making in General

Other items bulleted under "Maker Spaces and Resources" on the current main page ("Businesses offering discounts", "Ideas for Classes", and "A secure RFID system" could go a click farther away, either on the "Starting a Maker Space" page or on some new page. --JSaxe
  • Tools and Tips — This is our collection of notes for makers on tools, techniques, materials, settings, and sources. Articles linked from here may or may not be relevant to equipment or activities at Maker Nexus.
The words "Tools and Tips" would link to a new page with the links that are under that heading on the current Main Page. --JSaxe

About This Wiki

This wiki is operated by Maker Nexus. We reserve the right to do anything with this wiki that we deem appropriate. All information in this wiki is (c) Maker Nexus. The information is available for others to use under a specific Creative Commons license. Details of the license can be read here: Makernexuswiki:Copyrights

By using this wiki you agree to our Makernexuswiki:Terms of Service. If you are new to wiki editing, please try out the Sandbox page.

If you have some information that you think should be in the wiki but you don't feel comfortable making the change, put it on Other Stuff page and one of our contributors will integrate your information into the wiki where it belongs.

We need some text here ... encouragement to contribute and info about how to ask for credentials. --JSaxe (updated by jschrempp)

Terms of Service