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NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System)

Many forms require an NAICS or a SIC code for the makerspace. It is difficult to find the best NAICS code to use for our makerspace. Are we a technical and trade school? Not really. We think 611699 fits Maker Nexus the best.

NAICS Manual

We chose 611699

611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering instruction (except business, computer, management, technical, trade, fine arts, athletic, language instruction, tutoring, and automobile driving instruction). Also excluded from this industry are academic schools, colleges, and universities.

Illustrative Examples: Public speaking training Survival training Speed reading instruction Yoga instruction, camps, or schools

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in-- Offering elementary and secondary school instruction--are classified in Industry 611110, Elementary and Secondary Schools; Offering junior college instruction--are classified in Industry 611210, Junior Colleges; Offering college, university, and professional school instruction with academic degrees (e.g., baccalaureate, graduate)--are classified in Industry 611310, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools; Offering business, computer (except computer repair), and management training--are classified in Industry Group 6114, Business Schools and Computer and Management Training; Offering vocational and technical instruction (e.g., computer repair and maintenance)--are classified in Industry 61151, Technical and Trade Schools; Offering fine arts instruction--are classified in Industry 611610, Fine Arts Schools; Offering sports and recreation instruction--are classified in Industry 611620, Sports and Recreation Instruction; Offering language instruction--are classified in Industry 611630, Language Schools; Offering exam preparation and tutoring services--are classified in U.S. Industry 611691, Exam Preparation and Tutoring; and Offering automobile driving instruction--are classified in U.S. Industry 611692, Automobile Driving Schools.

Other Choices

61151 Technical and Trade Schools

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering vocational and technical training in a variety of technical subjects and trades. The training often leads to job-specific certification. Instruction may be provided in diverse settings, such as the establishment's or client's training facilities, educational institutions, the workplace, or the home, and through diverse means, such as correspondence, television, the Internet, or other electronic and distance-learning methods. The training provided by these establishments may include the use of simulators and simulation methods. Illustrative Examples: Apprenticeship training programs Graphic arts schools Aviation and flight training schools Modeling schools Computer repair training Nursing schools (except academic) Cosmetology schools Real estate schools Electronic equipment repair training Truck driving schools

Cross-References. Establishments primarily engaged in-- Offering courses in office procedures and secretarial and stenographic skills--are classified in Industry 61141, Business and Secretarial Schools; Offering computer training (except computer repair)--are classified in Industry 61142, Computer Training; Offering professional and management development training--are classified in Industry 61143, Professional and Management Development Training; Offering academic courses that may also offer technical and trade courses--are classified according to the type of school; Specialty air transportation services that may also provide flight training--are classified in Industry 48121, Nonscheduled Air Transportation; and Offering registered nursing training with academic degrees (e.g., associate, baccalaureate)--are classified in Industry 61121, Junior Colleges, or Industry 61131, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools.