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The makerspace does not provide free materials with exception to identified scrap bins. Select materials may be available for purchase in the retail area.

Various areas of the makerspace have an intended use for specific materials (wood, metal, fabric, etc). Please see a consulting maker if you with to work with unique materials. You can review the equipment documentation regarding material recommendations and restrictions at facility equipment pages

Do Not Use

Some materials are not appropriate anywhere in the makerspace. When in doubt contact a consulting maker with materials you are considering for use in your projects.

Do not bring the following into the makerspace:

  • Old pressure treated/chemically treated wood. Newly bought wood can be cut on the chopsaw, however do not use it on the tablesaw as it may set off the Sawstop cartridge.
  • No green wood - tree limbs, etc. unless they are completely dry and approved by a Consulting Maker. Discuss with a consulting maker on any unstable materials as they pose potential dangers when processing.
  • No plaster objects may be worked on by any equipment or machines in the shop due to fragility and dust issues.
  • No firework or pyrotechnical chemicals as described at\
  • No firearms, parts of firearms and other prohibited weapon parts.
  • Materials that generate dangerous particles, such as asbestos, carbon fiber, silica dust, and similar. This does include finishes, such as lead paint if the paint will be disturbed.
  • Materials and items that are dangerous in construction, for example an un-certified tank under pressure, is not allowed.
  • No radioactive materials.

Other materials may be added at any time


All material waste must be disposed of in a fashion that is consistent with Sunnyvale

Waste bins are located in various locations and are labeled as to what kind of material should be put there.