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Welcome to the Maker's Store!

Our members make wonderful things, and some of them are for sale. Below you'll find a plethora of great products. Perhaps a gift for the coming holidays or a birthday ... (Members and friends of Maker Nexus: If you would like to be listed here, send an email to Include a short blurb and a link.)


If you are looking for custom handmade gifts, you've found the right place. Check out the store for many creations in wood and acrylic. I can also make custom items, drop me a note. Store General Information

Cindy Stokes Fine Art Photography

My subjects are often intricate and messy, so I work to wrangle order out of chaos, to tell a tidier story. In doing so, I frequently change the subject’s story, from stone to flesh or from tree branches to fractal geometry. I suppose it’s not surprising that my creations often produce as much uncertainty in others as they dispel for me. Web site

Clyde Beck - Watercolors, Wood, Photography

As one can see from my Etsy Website I create in three dimensions. One is watercolor painting. The second is making aesthetic and useful items out of wood, with an emphasis on recycled and reclaimed woods. My third dimension is photography and that informs my painting as well as enables me to create things like greeting cards and simple prints of flowers. Store

ER Exotic Hardwood Designs

Custom Woodworking and Designs. With Laser etching and inlay available. Facebook page

Laurel Elaine Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry for everyday life

S.I.N.N.Attire Designs

I do commission work in fabric or latex materials for you. Items to wear, cosplay, artistic items. Contact me by email and let's see how I can help you realize your vision.


The Other Labs

My art and my work have always been defined through a delicate struggle — one of balancing the rigor and structure of math with the emotion and aesthetic of fine art. In creating the pieces you find here, I have endeavored to carefully navigate this balance. Web site


I focus on making cute and colorful designs for a range of products, from stickers and buttons to original artwork and stationery. I love experimenting with new mediums, and enjoy combining my illustrations with things like laser cutting, resin, and stamp making to create unique pieces! Web site


Exquisite leather and fabric purses, handbags, guitar straps and other goods made in Palo Alto. Web site