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The official version of our policies are found in our Member Handbook and on our web site. This page links you to different aspects of our policies that you might find useful. We, of course, reserve the right to change our policies at any time and for any reason.

Our current information about safety (even in the narrow sense of avoiding injury, death, or property damage on account of improper use of tools or improper handling of materials, and not including things like anti-harassment, child protection policies, and COVID protocols, which are also safety concerns) is currently scattered in several places, some of which are marked as "DRAFT":
Draft_Membership_Handbook#Shared Safety Responsibility
Ethics and Conduct
It makes sense for safety information about specific sectors and tools to be on the respective sector and tool pages, but I think our general safety information could be better organized. --JSaxe
The Ethics and Conduct page is currently marked as "DRAFT" though linked from other pages. --JSaxe~
The page Acceptable Use and Security Policy page is currently effectively orphaned. Is the content accurate? Is there a better version somewhere else? --JSaxe
  • ... What else goes here? Stuff about guests? kids? pets? class cancellation? (not) repairing your engine in in the parking lot? alcohol? firearms? For policies that aren't linked from the Main Page, what will be the obvious link to take people with questions one step closer to an answer? --JSaxe