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This pages, and the ones it links to, are a bit of our history that could be of interest to other makerspaces. This is how we organized (or tried to organize) our volunteer organization to boot strap our makerspace.


Raise the awareness of the Maker Nexus shop with people who are potential members and donors. The work is both creating a strategy and then executing it.


We are currently reaching potential members and donors through several Facebook Groups, two large MeetUp distribution lists, and word of mouth. We have all run into people who were TechShop members but didn't know about our efforts. There is work to be done here.

We have business cards to give away. A web site. This wiki. Maker Nexus Facebook group.

MN Spread the Word


We need a core group of two or three. And a larger group of speakers who can be called on to present our message.


We could use a good leader.

Skills Needed

  • Ability to chat up our efforts with people
  • A willingness to talk to small and large groups about Maker Nexus
  • Communication strategy creation
  • Graphic communication

Board Liaison