MN Design Style Guidelines

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  • Futura and Futura Light
  • Nearest Google Docs equivalent - Nunito


Logo Color
#52837d Wintergreen Dream This is a test patch
Don't use as a background with black lettering, it's too dark. It's suitable behind white letters.
Light Background Color
#8fe6db This is a test patch
A lighter version of Logo Color can be used in documents against white or black. Don't use it behind the MN Logo.

Additional colors for web site

Big Titles
#E5B216 Urobilin This is a test patch
#B5BD89 Sage This is a test patch
#AE8CA3 Lilac Luster This is a test patch
#DFBE99 Pale Gold This is a test patch

Color Design Site

This color palette was designed at Coolors