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If you need to come inside our facility for some reason, you will be expected to follow our facility access policy.

Tour of MN during production

Take a video tour of the shop.


Wall of Heroes

If you have helped us in any way during this crisis, you can add your own tile to our wall of heroes.

Maker Nexus Projects

Visit COVID Shield Nexus for additional information on the overall program.

Our local county health officer's orders now allow our makerspace to reopen to members. We have finished our COVID response and made final shipments. We appreciate your willingness to help, and encourage you to reach out to other organizations continuing to make and distribute PPE.

3D printed Ophthalmologist Frames 3D printed face shields Make at home face masks Hospital Scrubs
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Projects continuing to produce PPE

Maker Nexus is no longer producing and giving away PPE, our funding has run out.

If you'd like to produce PPE, or if you have PPE you want to share, some active projects we know of are:

(If you find that any of these are no longer active, please update the Wiki to reflect that.)

Other Interesting Projects

A number of other organizations have good projects going to help in this crisis. You can list your favorites here.

3D printed Face Shields

Sewn Face Masks

3D printed Face Masks



Outside the SF Bay Area

If you are not in the Maker Nexus area (SF Bay Area, South) you could start your own effort in your area. Your effort is two pronged: find people and supplies to make stuff; find organizations that need stuff. You don't want to make things and then have no where to deploy them.

Some ideas of places you can contact in your area:

  • The non-profit that supports your local hospital; there is often a foundation
  • A CCRC (continuing care retirement community) near you
  • On NextDoor mention what you are doing and ask for contacts into your local health care system

You should consider how you will organize your local group of volunteers. Maker Nexus uses Slack, it's free to get started. Others use Discord. Others chat by Skype or Zoom every day.

I want to Help

As mentioned above, our project pages each have instructions. If these projects are not for you or you have other skills to contribute, you might consider registering at the Tinker's Guild Tech Forum's Emergency Response Production For Medical Devices And Accessories page (external link).