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Items in italics are guidelines on how to use the template. Feel free to remove them.
The sections are recommended. Add appropriate areas not covered, or remove ones that are not relevant.

When naming the page, recommended format is
"Vendor modelNumber modelName SpecAdjective Type"
Where modelNumber, modelName, SpecAdjective are generally optional.

  • Powermatic PM180 18" Planer (Vendor modelNumber SpecAdjective Type)
File:Full image.jpg
alternative text name of tool


The BLURB goes here about the device. A couple of sentences on what it does and what you might use it for. It does X and can by used for Y in projects like A,B,C. Include a statement regarding available accessories for it with possibly more details in a lower section

Please mention information here about usage and any restrictions - do you need to have taken a BOSS class to use this device? Only people older than 16? Indicate this here. Link to the class information is embedded as a LINK to the appropriate class page and perhaps a reservation link. Any fees for usage? How to reserve it? You could turn this into some bullet points for quick scanning. Link anything appropriate to other locations

  • Ages: Any
  • Reservations
  • Usage Fees: none


  • BOSS (Required)
  • Advanced Class I
  • Project Class X


This is the place to put technical specs, that may help a prospective user decide whether a tool has the capability for a proposed application. Examples: (for a lathe) swing, working distance between centers, spindle speeds, horsepower; (for an oscilloscope) bandwidth, number of channels. Electrical power requirements can alao go here. Example:

  • Electrical spec: xxxV 60Hz yyyA zzzW

MN Asset Details

toolname Serial Number Plate
toolname Electrical Plate
toolname Motor
  • Location: where
  • Model Number: m#
  • Serial Number: sn
  • Motor Serial Number: motorsn
  • MN Asset Number: mnAN

Safety Specifics

All general MN Safety policies of course apply to use of this tool, as do safety policies for the containing shop area and safety practices prescribed in our classes and/or in detailed tool documentation, regardless of whether they're repeated here.

If there are specific safety notes in order to operate, put it here. Suggest cross reference to membership handbook as appropriate.

  • Restrictions such as - don't do x,y,z without help or at all..
  • Only staff can do a,b,c don't attempt yourself
  • Safety checklists


Documents, links to tutorials, videos, and whatnot

  • user manual link one
  • Service manual, etc link two
  • Accessory manual
  • Tech Spec Datasheet
  • tutorial link one
  • tutorial link two
  • cookbook
  • cheatsheets and checklists

Materials, Tooling, Accessories

If there are required or recommended materials in order to operate, put it here. Any fees for materials, or what might be free for use? What tooling (drill bits, needles) is available from MN? What am I expected to provide? This is also the place to mention interesting non-standard accessories we may have (e.g., specialty work- or tool-hoding devices, indexing plates, ...)


If there are required or recommended settings in order to operate, put it here. such as...

  • Speeds and feeds
  • temperature settings for filaments of x,y,z


Links and material to software related to usage of this equipment such as what file formats, 3d printer files, CNC files. What versions can you use? Answer questions like where might I find font files, or collections of ornamental files. Link to pages on different software that might be used to create files (don't put it here)

  • File Formats: A,B,C
  • Creation Software
    • Build software option link 1 (recommended) - You need at least version X to make the right file format.
    • Build software option link 2

Tips & Tricks

a place for those useful items from the subject matter experts among us such as...

  • tip
  • trick
  • best practice

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