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This is a page of things we find on the internet that have some unusual appeal. The internet being what it is, these links might break but at least you'll know that something *could* be done. As the number of links grows, we'll have to find a way to organize them.

Print an Image on Wood

Use an inkjet printer to print on wax paper, then transfer it to wood.

Plastic Beams

From recycled material.

Cube Robot that "walks"

The Cubli is a 15 × 15 × 15 cm cube that can jump up and balance on its corner. Reaction wheels mounted on three faces of the cube rotate at high angular velocities and then brake suddenly, causing the Cubli to jump up and balance on its corner. The motor torques can also be used to 'walk'.

MIT Cube Robots

Cubes that can assemble against each other.

DIN Rails

Video showing how to use cheap DIN rails for a universal mounting system. Great idea.