Facebook posting of letter from Dan Woods

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As you know, Dan Rasure had been negotiating with Autodesk, Lowe's, TechShop and landlords regarding his desire to acquire assets and re-open several TechShop locations. However, after consulting with the secured creditors and under advisement of our attorneys TechShop, Inc's Board of Directors has concluded that there is no imminent agreement in play between Mr. Rasure and either the secured creditors or TechShop, Inc. Therefore, we will be moving ahead with Chapter-7 filing.

Further, there is absolutely no relationship between Mr. Rasure's TechShop 2.0 entity and TechShop, Inc. or it's LLCs.

Mr. Rasure's representations online and social media are his own. We are aware that yesterday he promised to open a makerspace in TechShop San Francisco's former location by next Monday. However, we (nor any of our partners or secured creditors) were party to that agreement.

I can be reached at (redacted phone number) if you or anyone on your team would like to discuss further.

Warm Regards,