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General Overview

The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for running the organization to achieve the objectives set by the board of directors. The ED operates within the boundaries set by the board. The ED reports to the board of directors. Key duties include executing on the organization’s strategic plan, maintaining a well run makerspace within budget, hiring and coaching employees, recruiting and retaining members.

The executive director is a leadership role for an organization and often fulfills a motivational role in addition to office-based work. Executive directors motivate and mentor members, volunteers, donors, and staff, and may chair meetings. The executive director leads the organization and develops its organizational culture.

The executive director is the final decision maker for all day-to-day operational issues.

The executive director reports directly to the board of directors. All other employees report to the executive director. Of course the executive director may have people reporting to her that have people reporting to them.

Maker Nexus's Executive Director is Regina Sakols.

Job Responsibilities

  • Governance:
    • Works with the board in order to fulfill the mission of the organization.
    • Actively engage the board in the development of policies to guide the organization.
    • Lead Maker Nexus in a manner that supports the organization’s mission as defined by the board of directors.
    • Communicate effectively with the board and provide, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the board to function properly and to make informed decisions including reports, trend analysis, growth opportunities, and community progress.
  • Financial Performance:
    • Planning and operation of annual budget. Submitting yearly budget, gain approvals, and manage to it on a monthly basis, and preparing monthly financial statements which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization.
    • Develops resources sufficient to ensure the financial health of the organization
    • Responsible for the fiscal integrity of Maker Nexus.
    • Responsible to operate within budget, adjusting immediately to any financial shortfall that jeopardizes the viability of the organization.
    • Responsible for maintaining a cash balance that is sufficient to meet all of the organization’s legal obligations to its employees, including payout of vacation and benefits if any.
  • Programs:
    • Works with board and staff to ensure that programs support the mission.
    • Responsible for the design, proposal, and implementation of programs that fulfill the mission.
    • Responsible for enhancing Maker Nexus’ image by being active and visible in the community and working closely with other professional, civic, and private organizations.
  • Operations:
    • Oversees and implements the day to day operation of the makerspace.
    • Establish employment and administrative policies and procedures for the day to day operations.
    • Responsible for effective administration of Maker Nexus.
    • Hire, retain, coach/supervise and growing competent, qualified staff as directed by the board and community.
    • Responsible for seeing that all policies of Maker Nexus are implemented.
    • Maintain a CRM system with current contact information for members, donors, community contacts, and prospective members.
    • Establish and manage 3rd party review processes: services and contractors/teachers.
  • Community:
    • Responsible for attracting and retaining shop members and ensuring they are satisfied with their membership experience.
    • Community: Builds and maintains a cooperative community spirit among members
    • Primary organizational contact for all member issues.
    • Resolves issues within the member base and makerspace in a respectful, open, and honest manner.
  • Safety:
    • Oversees and implements a safety plan that ensures a safe workplace for employees and members.
    • Responsible for ensuring compliance by employees and members and guests with all workplace safety laws and regulations.
    • Implements best practices for running a safe makerspace.
    • Exhibits 0 tolerance for unsafe practices of any kind.


  • Transparent and high integrity leadership
    • Can work productively with all kinds of people
    • Listens well to the concerns of other people
  • Three or more years experience running a workshop and building and leading a team.
  • Proven skills in budgeting, managing to a budget, ongoing analysis, decision making, and reporting.
  • Strong organizational skills including planning, prioritizing, delegating decisions.
  • Skill in hiring and managing both employees, contractors and volunteers to complete projects and tasks of all types.
  • Ability to communicate a vision of the organization to many different groups.
  • Ability to collaborate with board members and other volunteers.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.