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Note: This page is a little intro to our community. More specific information is in our official Member's Handbook.

We're thrilled to have you join our community. Our mission is to provide education in all sorts of making and promote the same in the community. We aim to provide a makerspace that serves all experience levels from hobbyists to professionals. Our goal is to help you develop your skills and give you a space and tools to express them.

Maker Nexus is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization fueled by the community members. Creating our community makerspace requires the cooperation of many volunteers. To pull the effort together we use the latest on-line team technology. We have open discussion forums on Slack, and our wiki persists the information we create. Our Facebook group hosts lively discussions. We also send out periodic updates in our email newsletter.

There are four focus areas to our current development

We provide a full range of training programs. From STEAM/STEM classes for teens to advanced skill building classes for experienced makers. With our classes everyone is able to become a maker. We offer basic safety and operation classes on everything from the table saw to even the most sophisticated computer controlled equipment
Skills improve with use. We provide a member makerspace filled with all kinds of tools. Woodshop, electronics, 3D printers, laser cutters, textiles, CNC routers, machine shop. We have tools that members can use to make anything. And we have space - build tables give members a place to spread out and make what they want. You don't need a garage full of tools if you belong to our makerspace.
Share Locally
Different disciplines, different minds, unusual perspectives: combining these outlooks creates a crucible for innovation. Our vibrant, inviting, inclusive community welcomes all kinds of makers. The beginner, the hobbyist, the new entrepreneur, the inventor, the professional. Everyone is part of the maker movement at our makerspace.
Share Globally
As we create the infrastructure to run our organization, we freely share it with other makers. Our safety classes, our strategic outlook, our project classes. All of these are released under a Creative Commons license so that other not for profit groups can benefit from the work we have done. We want to be a catalyst to help any group of makers create their own makerspace.

Here are few links to get you connected to our online resources:

The Basics

Maker Nexus is a community who also runs a makerspace. You buy a monthly makerspace membership to gain access to the shared space and all the tools therein. You learn to use the tools provided and then use them to make things. Larger tools have a reservation system to coordinate the usage effectively.

Our formal member's handbook describes policies and procedures that keep the makerspace humming along. The current version of the handbook is available in the Members Team Drive in Google Workplace. A somewhat current copy of the member's handbook is available for public viewing.

The core of this is simply safety and sharing. We want the members to be safe and to share what we have equitably and sustainably.

Contact Us

Details about our hours of operation, location, and how to contact us is found on our web site.

A Few Terms

Basic Operation and Safety Standards
Maker member
member of Maker Nexus
Consulting maker (CM)
Maker Nexus staff
Shop Area Lead
A volunteer position, a lead is responsible for organizing their area to make it effective for the maker members who use that part of the shop.

Policies and Procedures

The safety of maker members, staff and instructors and guests is a prime consideration in every activity. The goal of Maker Nexus makerspace Safety Plan is to develop practical approaches regarding safety among all users of the facility. The success of this plan depends upon the complete cooperation and support of everyone involved. The rules and guidelines in this document apply to the entire shop and makerspace areas including the parking lots and any other maker related work environment including impromptu installation work locations. All tools must remain in the makerspace at all times and may NOT be checked out. At no point will tools will be allowed outside of the maker space and its adjacent supporting areas.

Shared Safety Responsibility

The incorrect use of a machine can endanger everyone in the building. As a result of this shared danger, we all share the responsibility to police each other. We each have a responsibility to step up and question anyone using a machine in a way we feel is unsafe. This includes questioning the operator about the materials they are working with. If you are operating a machine and someone questions you about the safety of your operation, you should not be offended even if their approach to you is poor. If someone asks you to stop what you are doing, for any reason, you must pause your work. Talk about their concern. If you cannot resolve the concern between you, then seek out a staff member.
Bottom line: No matter what you are doing on a machine, no matter how important your job is, if someone asks you to stop for a concern about safety, you are obligated to stop immediately. If you do not then you may lose your access to the makerspace even if you are later proven correct.

Makerspace Access

Check in/Check out
Everyone is required to sign in at the front counter prior to entering the building and sign out upon departure. As a member, your badge must be visible at all times. You may not provide access to the shop or equipment to anyone else.
Guests of members are welcome, and will need to sign a liability waiver and review the ethics and conduct upon entry. Members are responsible for their guests and their actions. Members must accompany guests throughout the space, which means in visual range generally and closer when near equipment so you can provide immediate guidance on safety.
Guests can’t use tools and equipment due to liability concerns, except as part of a scheduled class/workshop they are actively participating in with you.
We are happy to have your guests see the makerspace and become members. Ask at the front desk about available discounts if your guest wants to become a member or signs up for classes/workshops with you.
Minors require their legal parent or guardian to sign a liability waiver and review the ethics and conduct.
Minors must be accompanied closely by a legal parent or guardian to insure safety. This includes scheduled class/workshops unless there's special provision to manage unaccompanied minors. 'Accompanied closely' means visual range generally, and immediate arm reach when near dangerous equipment.
Minors may only use the tools they have been authorized for, with all required restrictions and supervision.
A student is someone attending a scheduled class/workshop, whether a member or not. Students will need to have signed a liability waiver and review the ethics and conduct prior to participation in the class/workshop. Students must remain with the trainers of the course and follow their instruction for the duration of the class. There are no refunds for being asked to leave for not following instructions or abandoning a class. Unsafe behavior will endanger membership or ability to return to the makerspace.
A visitor is someone who is not a member nor sponsored as a guest of a member but would like a brief tour of the makerspace.
We are happy when a visitor comes to see our makerspace and then becomes a member. It’s a great opportunity to show our best.
Visitors need to sign a liability waiver for the tour and can’t use the tools and equipment due to liability concerns and remains near their tour guide at all times. Visitors can schedule tours with the Maker Nexus staff as availability permits.

Membership Prices Safety for all Safety Guests and Visitors Use and Safety Training MN classes and workshops General Safety Rules Non-Injury Accidents Injury-Causing Accidents Storage of Materials and Projects Cleaning of Workshop areas Facility Materials Hand Tool Safety Understanding Power Tools Hand-held Power Tools Machine Safety Conclusion Agreement Form