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Thank you for thinking of Maker Nexus. We appreciate it.

As you can imagine, we get a lot of donations of used equipment, tools, and supplies. A lot of our makerspace was built up this way and we love it.

At the same time, we have reached the point where we have to be more selective about the donations we accept. We have limited storage space, and it's pretty full. We also have to be careful about the type of equipment we take.

Equipment and tools have to be sturdy enough for all the use they will receive, we have to have the expertise to maintain it, and it has to have proper safety guards for our membership. Often, home power tools do not meet our requirements.

Supplies (nuts, bolts, art supplies, fabric, maker kits, etc) need to be in good condition, sorted or stowed, and be useful in the short term. We cannot accept things that could become a hazardous waste.

Please remember that things you donate to Maker Nexus become the property of our non-profit and cannot be returned. Depending on our needs we might sell a donation, recycle it, or dispose of it in some other way. If you want to donate something and then return in 6 months to see it in use, then you probably should not donate it.

How to Donate

Before bringing your donation to the makerspace, please contact us ( with a description of what you would like to donate. The management team will quickly review your offer to determine if we can make effective use of the donation and get back to you.

Please do not just bring your donation by the makerspace; our staff is not able to take donations that have not been approved by the management team.

Other Options

There are many charitable organizations in the Bay Area. If your donation is not a good fit for Maker Nexus, it might be useful to another organization. Here are some suggestions for you.