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** Laser Cutters
** Laser Cutters
*** SVG file - solid
*** [[Media:Medallion basic.svg|SVG file]] (click link, then right click and Save)
*** SVG file - with separate part (just an idea)
** Sew team
** Sew team
*** PDF pattern
*** PDF pattern
* Send your tile to  
* Send your tile to  

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You all know that we have done a great thing this year. We brought together a group of makers, donors, educators, and industry to make and give away face shields and cloth face masks. When this effort ends in June 2020 we will have made and given away over 200,000 face shields and over 5,000 face masks. In forming this team and having such great success, we spurred one industry partner to continue the work themselves; they plan to make and give away 1,000,000 face shields in the next year.

We want to create a display to recognize all the people who contributed to our very successful COVID 19 response. We want the final artwork to recognize the scale of individual and community contributions.

Basic Plan

We will make a wall art project consisting of hexagonal tiles, 50 mm across in the minimum dimension, with 2 mm radii on each point. The bottom will have a circular depression 6.2mm in diameter and 2mm deep.

Each person involved in the program will be represented by a tile. We expect to have about 650 tiles, yielding a display about 50 inches square. We are not sure of the actual assembled design yet.

People can make their own unique tile and send it in for inclusion. Tiles can be 3D printed, laser-cut, sewn, or made in some other fashion. Each tile can be colored and decorated as the creator wants. The only restrictions are that the entire piece must be less than 1 inch tall, and that the tile must be suitable for viewing by young children.

Maker Nexus reserves the right to eliminate or modify any tile at its sole discretion. Tiles sent to Maker Nexus will not be returned.

You may want to make a second tile to keep at home to remind you of what we all accomplished during the pandemic of 2020.

When we receive the medallions we will glue a small magnet into the back of each.


The COVID team was a true community effort with people from all over the US, and a few international. We would enjoy tile decorations that include something meaningful to you. It would be great to have your city or postal code as part of the decoration so others who view the display will know the huge scope of this effort.

Some people have discussed making a two part medallion and keeping one part of it. When they eventually visit Maker Nexus they can bring that part and glue it into the art work to complete their piece.

It is also perfectly fine to cut a medallion out of thin wood or plastic and just write your name and postal code on it.

How To

    • Laser Cutters
      • SVG file (click link, then right click and Save)
    • Sew team
      • PDF pattern
  • Send your tile to
Maker Nexus COVID Tiles
234 East Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
  • General design spec

Covid medallion base.png


These are nothing special, just a few to give you some ideas.

Medallion 1 2 parts.jpg Medallion shrimpware.JPG Medallion openscad pat terminaldo.png Sample medallion silver.jpg

In Closing

We would love to have everyone included in this wonderful tribute to the effort we all put in to keeping our health care professionals safe.