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Diego Fonstad <diego@lectrify.it>

I have been working with a doctor in the UCSF hospital system who is part of a nationwide group of doctors preparing for the COVID system needs and have tested various prototypes I've downloaded from the Internet with her and her colleagues.

What to make? As of today, the local hospitals have benefited greatly from the influx of N95 masks and feel better about those (supplies have gone from less than a week to up to 4 weeks in some places). They do still need surgical masks and protective face shields. They really need production stepped upon the face shields.

Which model? There are two general models circulating out there, the Prusa one and the more rigid visor version. The visor version was used in Hong Kong and is the preferred version here. It isn't as comfortable but that can be addressed in various ways (the doc I'm working with used a maxi pad... worked great she said). I am attaching the model I am printing which was downloaded from the budmen web site Budmen

Have a printer? We need as many shields as possible. The visor and clip can be printed using any rigid filament (ABS, PLA). We are obviously not capable of sterile manufacturing but we should do our best to ensure we don't spread anything. If possible, please follow the following steps when manufacturing: - Remove material from 3d printer or laser cutter while wearing gloves and a mask (or heck, cover your face with a scarf). - Insert into a plastic bag and into a box such that the next time you handle it, you don't have to handle the bag.

The shield piece is spec'd as PETG but we can use many alternatives: - Flexible clear plastic - Laminating pouches

If you have a laser and can cut that would be great, otherwise I'm happy to pick up any material you can donate.

Anything I collect will be distributed across area hospitals.

Please let me know if and how you can help out.

My direct contact is

Diego Fonstad 650 823 7829