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For maker spaces out there on a budget, AssetTiger could be a viable asset tracking option. The site itself is free to use for "customers" -- their business is selling barcode labels. Users can populate their data and try before buying any labels.

Some of the nice things about this site include: the addition of custom fields, different security levels for users, a fantastic mobile app (barcode scanner from phone works from 3 feet away), data export (except photos) to an XLS or CSV for backups, and data import from a CSV.

One way to extend AssetTiger's functionality is to import asset data into an Excel VBA program that builds a database from the data, generates a wiki page of the equipment, and transfer it over FTP to a wiki site. For an example, check this out: ChatLab Equipment List

The example created a "wiki link" field on its assets, so when using the mobile app, it's just another click to pull up more info on the unit. There is also a flag "list on site" so Chat Lab can dictate what gets to the wiki, and what they just don't list. Contact jeff at for more information.