Amilia Migration Tips

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These are tips that might help a member moving to Amilia.

Q: I'm trying to buy a membership using my phone and it asks me to pick a person, but there are no persons?

A: That pop up box will scroll. Use a finger and scroll up to see your name. That is an unfortunate user interface glitch.

Q: When I purchase a membership what is the online/offline option?

A: This is a bad choice. Online means paying by credit card, which is the only option. Tap on the amount and the checkout process will continue.

Q: My membership just renewed. Why should I pay again in Amilia right now?

A: We do not want you double charge you! When you buy your membership in Amilia we will credit your Amilia account based on the number of days of overlap. If you prefer, write to and we can refund the amount to your credit card; this costs us money and we would prefer to issue you a credit in Amilia for your next month's membership.

Q: I rent storage, is that moving?

A: In a few weeks, yes. For now you will get billed membership through Amilia and storage through EZFacility. We are just doing one step at a time.

Q: Why do I see "no programs found" message?

A: That part of Amilia will be where our classes will be seen. At this point if you see that message, click on the Membership tab.

Q: What are Skills?

A: When you are certified to use a piece of equipment (you took a BOSS class or succeeded in a checkoff test) you get the Skill assigned to your account. You should check the Skills assigned to you. If you are missing some, contact