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Good housekeeping practices are essential to safety, and Maker Nexus wants to keep members safe. Keeping aisles clear is important to safety and, according to OSHA aisles must be marked and kept clear. Some OHSA regulations are listed below, but for current and complete requlations do not rely on this wiki. Use an official reference, such as found at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.)

Colors of lines to be painted on floor.

Use of Mechanical Equipment

§1910.176(a) Where mechanical handling equipment is used, sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made. Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repair, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard. Permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked.

The following are two quotations:

"Black and yellow hazard tape/barricade tape is one of the most well-known color combinations in all industries. Primarily used to alert employees about using caution in certain areas, or even prohibiting entry, this kind of tape is ubiquitous in the safety world."

"To make sure your line markings guide people as they should, remember: Use yellow line markings to indicate paths, work cells and traffic lanes. Use red line markings to alert employees to danger zones. Use black line markings to indicate works in progress. Use blue or green line markings in areas of raw materials."

Secure storage

1910.176(b) Storage of material shall not create a hazard. Bags, containers, bundles, etc., stored in tiers shall be stacked, blocked, interlocked and limited in height so that they are stable and secure against sliding or collapse.


1910.176(c) Storage areas shall be kept free from accumulation of materials that constitute hazards from tripping, fire, explosion, or pest harborage. Vegetation control will be exercised when necessary.

General Environmental Controls

§1910.144 Red shall be the basic color for the identification of fire protection equipment and apparatus, containers of flammable liquids, stop buttons and electrical switches used for emergency stopping of equipment. §1910.144(a)(1) Red shall be the basic color for the identification of fire protection equipment and apparatus. §1910.144(a)(3) Yellow shall be the basic color for designating caution and marking physical hazards.