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[https://youtu.be/HVxThzvk5Hs A short video]
[https://youtu.be/HVxThzvk5Hs A short video]
== 3D Print Parts At Home ==
=== What to do with the finished product ===
When you have parts ready to deliver, please follow the following steps:
#  Seal in plastic bag.
#  Label bag with your email, the version of stiffener you printed (e.g. "v11"), the material printed with and the date you closed the bag.
#  Mail to
Maker Nexus
234 E. Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Deliver to us if you are local and it does not violate the Shelter In Place Order - please do not make a special trip for this - but if you are passing by on your way to get essential groceries and want to drop it off, that is acceptable - there is a box outside our front door where donated parts can be placed.
Please be sure you are following proper sanitation procedures when you bag parts - if possible, wear gloves and a breathing mask, wipe or spray with disinfectant if available.  We want to minimize the chance of cross-contamination.  After it reaches MN, we will be further disinfecting them before delivering to its end destination.
We have some 1.75mm (and 2.85mm) PETg that we can give you when you have dropped off 100 or more shield parts. Just ring the door bell and ask if we have any filament in stock.
== 3D Print Directions ==
== 3D Print Directions ==

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Ophthalmologist shield three quarter view.jpg
Ophthalmologist shield side.jpg


Kaiser's Optometrists will soon be taking appointments with predominantly elderly or otherwise vulnerable patients. They reached out to Maker Nexus because they need a face shield that works with the magnification headgear they wear while working on people's eyes! We have designed a shield that mounts directly to their headgear, and only needs a top and bottom 3D printed part to shape the face shield.

This project fits the

  • Heine Omega 180, made in Germany
  • Iridex Indirect Ophthalmoscope by Heine- with cord
  • Heine Omega-cordless

It will not fit the Keeler brand.

How to Assemble the Shield

A short video

3D Print Directions


These need to be printed in PETg. Other filament types are not acceptable.



Ophthalmologist frames v11.png

  • Each shield also needs a bottom stiffener. The same as used on our regular face shields. The file can be found here

Laser Cut Parts

This shield has specific cut outs to mount on ophthalmologist head gear.

SVG file for cutting shield

Opthalmologist laser file image.png Photo of ophthalmologists shield .jpg